Copper stills

Copper moonshine still kits for sale in the USA

We are pleased to offer copper stills for sale at our online store in the USA. Every serious hobbyist will find there many types of useful fixtures for moonshining at the lowest price.

What kind of copper distilling equipment can you buy? There are alembic columns (warms), gallons, condensers, reflux plates, flange ferrules, fittings, tubes, thump kegs and complete copper distillers. This material is rapid heating and harmless (non-toxic). A distiller will make flavor of your spirit deeper and brighter. Using this item you can make heady and rich tasty drink and spend less time on making process.

We offer to buy distilling equipment not only for moonshine making. Many manufactures also produce special copper whiskey stills and copper gin still kits. It means that delicious whiskey and gin are an attainable goal for every homebrewer. Dial or digital temperature sensors, hydrometers, clamp, pump, drain plug, electric heater are delivered in the complete set or come as an extra option of many models.

Buy copper moonshine still kit and you will get high quality homemade alcohol at a rate of 5-7 liters (1-2 gallons) and more per hour. This drink will be a desired gift for your close friends, family members or coworkers. Moreover the copper moonshine still for sale has a beautiful polished case of golden color – you can use it as an unusual decorative element of kitchen or guest room.