Column stills


Reflux stills for sale in the USA

Everyone can find and buy distillation columns for sale at our online store in the USA. We are pleased to offer high quality items of the best Russian manufactures. We will deliver the chosen product to your door promptly and free of charge.

How can one purify the moonshine of harmful impurities? We advise you to buy a reflux column still for sale. This item will purify the alcohol of fusel oils and other toxic elements 30 times faster than any distiller just in one run. Thanks to distilling column, you will save your money and get delicious homemade drinks spending only several hours.

Distillations columns (or towers) can vary in material, height, width at the base, neck and head. Distillation columns made of copper and stainless steel are the most popular. These materials are rapid heating, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant. Condensation process continues for a long time in the distillation column so these characteristics are very important for getting a pure flavored product as a result.

As a rule complex reflux stills for sale include distillation towers with such elements as

in a complete set.

In accordance with the choice of the distillery column you will get the item which is characterized by a capacity of 2,5-11 gallons, drink purity up to 95%, distillery speed about 0,5-2 gallons, presence of a digital thermometer and carrying handles. A lot of reflux distillers (or stills) can be exploited with both electric and gas stoves.

A continuous distillation column is handy to make a heady distillate drink which can be used as the starting product for getting rum, whisky, brandy, calvados, wine, vodka, gin and other homemade alcoholic beverages. Many column stills for sale have a nice polish case and look like peculiar decorative elements. Still columns are compact, items do not take up a lot of space – you can keep an equipment kit in the kitchen (cellars or pantries are also suitable for column distillation items keeping).