Alcohol distiller 'Grand' Alcohol distiller 'Grand' Alcohol distiller 'Grand' Alcohol distiller 'Grand' Alcohol distiller 'Grand' Alcohol distiller 'Grand'


Still with distillation column Grand

Still with distillation column Grand

Still with distillation column Grand

Select model Marking Width, inch Depth, inch Volume, gall Price including shipping in the USA
3.1 gall (12 L) Н007938 10 10 3.1 $928 
4.2 gall (16 L) Н007939 11 11 4.2 $1 013 
5.5 gall (21 L) Н007940 12 12 5.5 $1 062 
6.8 gall (26 L) Н007941 13 13 6.8 $1 095 
9.5 gall (36 L) Н007942 14 14 9.5 $1 159 
13.2 gall (50 L) Н007943 16 16 13.2 $1 322 
18.5 gall (70 L) Н007944 18 18 18.5 $1 470 
13.2 gall (50 L) with heating element Н007945 10 10 13.2 $2 037 
18.5 gall (70 L) with heating element Н007946 18 18 18.5 $2 316 

The main advantages of this distiller are a low price, a good quality of the product and a high speed of the run. It is completed with two thermometers in the pot and on the column (digital thermometers are immersed into the liquid). A cooling of still-heads takes place in two circuits. A mini still-head is removable. A capacity range of 94% spirit is to 1.6 gall (6 L) per hour. The item is fully equipped and ready for making drinks. It can be used to make such beverages as “Russian Moonshine”, whisky, schnapps, cognac, grappa, rum, calvados, etc. The construction is made of high-quality food stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316); a wall thickness is 0.06 in (1.5 mm). You can add Panchenkov regular wire nozzle to the apparatus. This part is made of copper (copper absorbs a sulfur oxide which is produced during fermenting process; this element has a negative influence on the product flavor). The apparatus is dismantling; it is easy to clean and store.

Column size: diameter - 2 in (53 mm); height - 30.5 in (775 mm).

An alembic can be used with all types of stoves (gas, ceramic, infrared, induction, etc). Its construction corresponds to all advanced developments of this field that provides quick and gradual heating throughout the entire area of the bottom. It provides a quick heating over the entire area of a bottom. The bottom is a “sandwich” with a reinforced ferromagnetic plate which excludes its deformation. A pot lid has a wide neck with diameter 7.5 in (190 mm). It is suitable to fill pot with the mash. A drain valve is built in the pot. Alembics have tubular electric heaters. Steam boilers can be completed with stirrer and automatic control unit for beer brewing.

Component parts:

  • Two digital thermometers
  • Distiller with removable pre-cooling
  • Alembic with valve
  • Sillicone pipe
  • Clamp handle 5 parts
  • Silicone Heat-resistant food liner
  • Manual and warranty sheet


  1. An aesthetic design. A still with distillation column Grand harmoniously fit to the flat kitchen or the cottage terrace.
  2. Easy to service. A lot of components are interchangeable and available for sale.
  3. Long-life service. A wall thickness is 0.06-0.08 in (1.5-2 mm). If you maintain and store the item properly it will work for many years. Before the sale each sample passes the DTC (Department of Technical Control). All equipment is made by hand.
  4. Warranty; the period is 10 years.
  5. Quality materials; Only high-quality stainless steel components and materials are used for the equipment manufacturing (Italian tubes and fittings, German pots).
  6. High capacity range (1.6 gall per hour). You can also save time to fill the pot and  pour out the product using alembics of 3, 4, 5, 7, 9.5, 13 and 18.5 gallons (12,16, 21, 26, 36, 50 and 70 L).
  7. Upgradeability. A distiller and a reflux column have the same fixing spots.
  8. Reliability. A diameter of a column is 2 in (53 mm). A wide neck prevents the rise of dangerous overpressure and the risk of a tube blockage. Follow the detailed manual for eliminating of the risks.