Column still Leader

Select model Marking Pot diameter, inch (mm) Height, inch Volume, gall Price including shipping in the USA
3.2 gall (12 L) Н032927 9 (230) 35 3.2 $692 
3.9 gall (15 L) Н032928 9 (230) 35 3.9 $718 
5.3 gall (20 L) + valve Н032929 11.8 (300) 35 5.3 $724 
7.9 gall (30 L) + valve Н032930 11.8 (300) 40 7.9 $785 
10.5 gall (40 L) + valve Н032931 14.2 (360) 40 10.5 $1 099 
13.2 gall (50 L) + valve Н032932 14.2 (360) 44 13.2 $1 104 

The column still Leader is the most advanced item for homemade alcohol drinks, it has its own peculiarities.

This device provides some degrees of moonshine purification. The extra cooling system located at the top and the middle of the distiller makes only the high-quality alcohol vapors rise to the cooler.

Being equipped with a reflux condenser the moonshine distiller Leader helps to remove fusel oils, aldehydes, etc. During the rising of the vapor and its moving through the reflux condenser the apparatus is constantly heated; it helps the ethanol to evaporate again.  The still-head with the tap for the discharge of fusel oils decreases the undesirable fractions and improves the moonshine quality. The item is also equipped with Panchenkov Regular Wire Nozzle which is used to make a crystal pure liquid and can be used with reflux columns and distillers.

There is a flowing five spiral coil serpentine cooler which helps to make a high-quality cool drink.

Both the cooler and the still-head make the final product after the heads removing because of the distiller construction. The cooler 80-85 % beverage is ready to drink after the single run. The still-head product is less clear and hard that is why it is used for the second run. Then the drink becomes better.

A wide neck of the pot helps to clean the apparatus easily. A silicone liner helps to avoid odors even after a single run.

Stainless still AISI 430/304 increases the devise life. Professional argon welding makes a reliable and leakproof item.

You can use any kind of stoves for pot heating.

You should follow the distillate making rules properly for the best result. Keep the temperature level at the +172-182 °F points (+78-83 °C); the distiller should produce 1-2 drops of liquid per second.

There are some points you should know:

The chain of water cooling system starts at the bottom connection pipe of the cooler and ends at the top connection pipe of the reflux condenser.

This cooling system reduces the water consumption.  Regulate the water pressure to provide the whole vaporization in the cooler and the vapor moving through the reflux condenser.


  • Alembic (mash pot)
  • Still-head
  • Serpentine cooler
  • Biometal thermometer
  • Valve for still-head
  • Silicone gasket
  • Fly nuts x6
  • Alcoholometer
  • Box
  • Data sheet
  • Recipe book (manual for novices)
  • Pack of alcohol yeast (100 g.)