Column still Mendeleeff

Select model Price Features Weight, lb Height, inch Volume, gall
3.69 gall (14 L) $737 
- 24.2 lb 42 inch 3.69 gall
6.60 gall (25 L) $796 
- 29.7 lb 51 inch 6.6 gall
3.69 gall (14 L), Pot Still $777 
With Pot Still 24.2 lb 42 inch 3.69 gall
6.60 gall (25 L), Pot Still $832 
With Pot Still 29.7 lb 51 inch 6.6 gall

Moonshine distiller Mendeleeff

2 in 1: the distiller preserves the aroma of drinks and the rectification column makes them stronger and cleaner.

A separate filler neck and a drain tap allow to distill the beverages in any quantities. You can pour the mash without disassembling the apparatus and removing it from a stove.

A high 78-centimeter column allows to get high-purity drinks with strength up to 96°.

It can be used with all types of stoves including induction ones.

A complete set includes all needed parts.  You do not need to buy any optional parts.

  • Column height is 78 cm.
  • Cooler height is 35 cm.
  • Reflux condenser height is 20 cm.
  • Supply hoses length is 200 cm.
  • Connecting hoses length is 50 cm.
  • Water consumption is 40-50 l/h (0.05 m3/h).

Using the Pot Still mode you can run the distillation process without a cylinder shell (a long part of the column). It allows to preserve raw materials flavor, increase the productivity and reduce the time of the first distillation (from wash to raw spirit). It is often chosen for whiskey or brandy making.

Complete set:

  1. An alembic pot with separate filler neck, drain tap and bimetallic thermometer.
  2. A 78-centimeter column, clamps and silicone gaskets.
  3. A durable box made of 6 mm plywood with convenient carrying handles.
  4. A digital thermometer.
  5. A household alcoholometer which helps to measure the strength of the drink (0-96°).
  6. A faucet adapter. Just remove the aerator and screw the hose. It is simple and convenient.
  7. Standard plumbing supply hoses with ½″ thread. A length of each is 2 m.
  8. Connecting elements: 50 cm long hoses, two ball valves, two T-branches and silicone gaskets.
  9. An output pipe made of food-grade silicone (90 cm).
  10. A user manual.
  11. Additionally you can purchase (specify in the comments of the order):
  12. A diopter 16 cm + a clamp 1,5"
  13. A cylinder shell 50 cm + a wire gauze + a clamp 1,5"
  14. A cylinder shell 50 cm + a clamp 1,5"
  15. An induction stove Gemlux GL-IC3505
  16. A coal column for glass jar
  17. Steel or copper Panchenkov's nozzle
  18. A measuring cylinder, 100 ml
  19. A coal column, 350 ml
  20. A glass «parrot», 250 ml
  21. A glass bulb, 1 l
  22. An alcoholometer 0-96°, 0-40°, 40-70° or 70-100°
  23. A saccharometer 0-25%
  24. A hydroseal
  25. Yeast, 100 g
  26. Oak cubes of medium or strong firing, 100 g
  27. An overflow siphon
  28. A spoon with length of 50 cm
  29. A needle valve

More info:

Precise temperature control

  • To get high-purity drink, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 78.8°C at the top of the column. A high-precision thermometer and regulating valve of reflux condenser input allow to monitor the temperature in the column accurate to a tenth of a degree.

Quick assembly and disassembly

  • The Moonshine distiller Mendeleeff is assembled and disassembled for few minutes without any additional tools. This is possible thanks to the modern clamping system. Just hold down unit’s parts with two clamps and get the apparatus ready for work.

A cone-shaped top of the alembic pot

  • This shape allows vapors to rise right into the column without condensing on a top lid. Additional volume works as a foam suppressor.
  • In pots with flat tops not all the vapors come out of the tank, they condense and need reheating. It reduces the efficiency of the device.

A separate wide neck

  • In a tandem with drain tap it makes mash pouring easier. You do not need to disassemble the apparatus or remove it from the stove. It is very convenient when you want to get a lot of distillate in one go. The diameter of neck is 80 mm so after use you can wash the pot without any troubles.

A tank relief valve

  • It automatically relieves the pressure if something goes wrong.

Wide wooden handles

  • The pot with wide handles (90 mm) is easy to lift and move. You will never get burned.

The bottom made of ferromagnetic alloy with four stiffeners

  • The ferromagnetic bottom allows to heat the apparatus using all types of stoves including induction ones. The bottom is resistant to deformation upon heating. It provides even heating of the mash and allows to avoid mash burning.

Food stainless steel

  • Special food grade steel AISI 304 does not absorb odors. It is easy to clean. The thickness is 1 mm, which is more than enough for quality steel.

A wide column

  • The inner diameter of the column is 38 mm. It reduces the risk of blockage and ensures high efficiency of the device.

A big reflux condenser and cooler

  • The size of reflux condenser is 20 cm and the cooler is 35 cm. It allows the apparatus to operate  effectively with water consumption of only 40-50 l/h.

Convenient water supply

  • No clamps or rubber bands! Only standard plumbing hoses and pipe fittings with ½ " thread. You can connect the hose directly to the tap, instead of the aerator. For this purpose we have designed a special adapter.

No foreign smells

  • Gaskets made of food-grade silicone are used for all connections. No fluoroplastic sealing tape – everything is convenient and simple.

A durable packaging

  • The box is made of 6 mm plywood sheet. It is strong and safe. This package is suitable for transportation and long-term storage, creates great impression when presenting the device as a gift.