Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine' Alcohol distiller 'Moonshine'


  • Performance, gall/h: 1 gall/h
  • Heating method: external heat
  • Thermometer: yes
  • Material: stainless steel, glass
  • Use on electric stoves: for induction cookers
  • Category:  Stills, Column stills

Still with distillation tower Moonshine

Select Price Width, inch Depth, inch Volume, gall
3.2 gall (12 L) $2 701 
10 inch 10 inch 3.2 gall
4.2 gall (16 L) $2 751 
11 inch 11 inch 4.2 gall
5.5 gall (21 L) $2 786 
12 inch 12 inch 5.5 gall
6.8 gall (26 L) $2 819 
13 inch 13 inch 6.8 gall
9.5 gall (36 L) $2 875 
14 inch 14 inch 9.5 gall
13.2 gall (50 L) $2 986 
16 inch 16 inch 13.2 gall
18.5 gall (70 L) $3 087 
18 inch 18 inch 18.5 gall
13.2 gall (50 L) with heating element $3 508 
16 inch 16 inch 13.2 gall
18.5 gall (70 L) with heating element $3 711 
18 inch 18 inch 18.5 gall

This is a unique moonshine flute distiller with quartz diopters. It has no analogues in the whole world. You can make a very aromatic spirits with the full preservation of the organoleptic properties of raw materials. The apparatus works by a classical scheme of the cap-type distillation with copper trays, which are widely used in the production of whiskey and grain wines.

The separation of fractions runs because of the reaction between the liquids and the vapor. The liquid has a higher temperature, it leads for more intensive ethanol evaporating and decreasing of fusel oils.

Historically, all alcohol distillers were made of copper. Its priority is not accidental. At first, copper conducts the heat very well. At second, it is very hygienic. During the moonshine making copper ions react with liquid and bundling toxic elements (like sulfur); it helps to avoid any odor. As a rule, undesired odors have the sulfur as the component.

We can help you to choose an apparatus that fits you perfectly. We modify them if you need: it is possible to add an electric heater or a water boiler to the pot. Thanks to dismantling construction, you can easily clean your item. To control the strength and purity of your spirit, choose the column with 4, 6 or 8 tray filters. Quartz diopters in the construction help to control the process of moonshine making. It will lead to a tasty beverage as the result and a big satisfaction from the hobby you have!

The column size:

  • Diameter (d): 3.9 in (100 mm); Height (h): 14.8 in (1137 mm).

The alembic can be used with all types of domestic stoves: the gas, ceramic, infrared, inductive ones. Its construction corresponds to all advanced developments of this field that provides quick and gradual heating throughout the entire area of the bottom.  The bottom is a sandwich-like with a reinforced, ferromagnetic plate, which prevents deformation. The pot has a wide neck with diameter 7.5 in (190 mm) and ball valve tap to drain the mash.

The distiller can have a pot with the electric heater or water boiler. It can also be equipped with a stirrer and automatic controller for the brewery process.


  • Four levels quartz column on clamp connetions with cap-type plates, 6 caps on each plate
  • Mash Column (Sold separately)
  • Fractionating column
  • Two digital thermometers
  • Distiller with removable pre-cooling
  • Alembic with valve
  • Sillicone pipe
  • Clamp handle 5 parts
  • Silicone Heat-resistant food liner
  • Manual and warranty sheet


An aesthetic design. A still with distillation tower Grand “GreenAlco” harmoniously fit to the flat kitchen or the cottage terrace.

Easy to service. A lot of components are interchangeable and available for sale.

Long-life service. A wall thickness is 0.06-0.08 in (1.5-2 mm). If you maintain and store the item properly it will work for many years. Before the sale each sample passes the DTC (Department of Technical Control). All equipment is made by hand.

Warranty; the period is 10 years.

Quality materials; Only high-quality stainless steel components and materials are used for the equipment manufacturing (Italian tubes and fittings, German pots).

High capacity range (1.6 gall per hour). You can also save time to fill the pot and  pour out the product using alembics of 3, 4, 5, 7, 9.5, 13 and 18.5 gallons (12,16, 21, 26, 36, 50 and 70 L).

Upgradeability. A distiller and a reflux column have the same fixing spots.

Reliability. A diameter of a column is 2 in (53 mm). A wide neck prevents the rise of dangerous overpressure and the risk of a tube blockage. Follow the detailed manual for eliminating of the risks.