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Still with distillation tower Progress

Select model Price Pot diameter, inch (mm) Height, inch Volume, gall
3.2 gall (12 L) $591 
9 (230) 27 inch 3.2 gall
3.9 gall (15 L) $630 
11 (280) 26 inch 3.9 gall
5.3 gall (20 L) $619 
11.8 (300) 27 inch 5.3 gall
7.9 gall (30 L) $689 
11.8 (300) 32 inch 7.9 gall

The still with distillation tower Progress is a unique model with two still-heads which can be used to make moonshine at home. The still-heads are vessels between the pot and the cooler. These modules prevent the ingress of harmful impurities in distillate. The still-heads have valves to drain fusel oils. It makes your drink better; you get a high-quality pure spirit. A folded head-still aromatizes the distillate during the run. The alembic is made of food stainless steel AISI 430. It provides an item long life. A serpentine includes five spiral coils and is made of stainless steel too. A flowing cooler chills the distillate.

A wide neck makes the pot cleaning easy. A food silicone liner protects a product from bad smell.

A flange valve provides the process safety. The Moonshine distiller Progress is made using the professional industrial argon welding equipment. This apparatus is reliable and leakproof, it can be used with all types of stoves.

Component parts:

  • Alembic (mash pot)
  • Still-head
  • Serpentine cooler
  • Bimetal thermometer
  • Valve for still-head
  • Silicone gasket
  • Fly nuts x6
  • Alcoholometer
  • Box
  • Data sheet
  • Recipe book (manual for novices)
  • Pack of alcohol yeast (100 g.)