Column still Spartak

Select model Marking Pot diameter, inch (mm) Height, inch Volume, gall Price including shipping in the USA
Without alembic Н034601 24 $341 
3.2 gall (12 L) Н033374 9.1 (232) 35 3.2 $560 
3.9 gall (15 L) Н033375 11 (281) 33 3.9 $628 
5.3 gall (20 L) + valve Н033376 11.8 (301) 35 5.3 $672 
6.6 gall (25 L) Н033377 11.8 (301) 38 6.6 $714 
7.9 gall (30 L) + valve Н033378 11.8 (301) 40 7.9 $751 
9.2 gall (35 L) + valve Н033379 13.8 (351) 38 9.2 $857 
10.5 gall (40 L) + valve Н033380 14.4 (365) 40 10.5 $950 
13.2 gall (50 L) + valve Н033381 14.4 (365) 44 13.2 $1 068 

If you would like to get a heady high-quality drink without harmful impurities, we recommend you to buy a Column still Spartak.

Due to a vertical design of the column this apparatus removes all types of toxic oils and fractions very effectively. Heavy harmful impurities do not go through the pipe but a volatile alcohol vapor can rise to a cooler. A column is completed with Panchenkov Regular Wire Nozzle which is used to make a crystal pure liquid and can be used with reflux columns and distillers. It filters alcohol removing fusel oils and impurities. A vapor condenses in the column and comes back to the pot. A volatile alcohol vapor comes to cooler and condenses into a liquid. A pure distillate is about 80-85⁰С.

A wide neck is handy to clean the apparatus and fill a pot with the mash. Wide pipes are not blocked with a mess or solid pieces of a product.

You can always control the run temperature using two thermometers. The first one you can see at the top of the column, the second sensor is built in the top of the pot. 

You have not to dismantle the apparatus for the remove liquid. Use a drain valve in a lower section.

It is suitable for heating on all types of stoves (gas, electric, ceramic, induction).

A column still Spartak is reliable and easy-to-use. It has a good capacity range, provide the making of pure hard beverages without harmful toxic elements.

Component parts:

  • Alembic
  • Column-distiller
  • Silicone liner
  • Fly nuts - 6 pcs.
  • Branded box
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Recipe book (Data sheet,Warranty sheet)