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Still with distillation column STAR PLUS
Cuprum & Steel

Select model 2,6 gal (10 L) 3,1 gal (12 L) 3,9 gal (15 L) 5,2 gal (20 L) 7,9 gal (30 L) 10,5 gal (40 L)
Marking Н018669 Н018670 Н018671 Н018672 Н018673 Н018674
Diameter, in (mm) 9,2 (235) 9,2 (235) 11,02 (280) 11,8 (300) 11,8 (300) 13,7 (350)
Weight, lb 11 11.7 12.5 13.9 16.5 18.7
Height, inch 33 35 33 34 39 39
Volume, gall 2.6 3.1 3.9 5.2 7.9 10.5
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The still with distillation column is equipped with the new technology Still-head +, this technology will allow obtaining a higher degree of purification.

The presence of a still-head in this model makes it possible to obtain a crystal clear drink after the first distillation.

  • Perfomance STAR PLUS: 1,32 gal (5 L)/h
  • Material: High grade clean cooper, food stainless steel AISI 430
  • Height in assembly: from 32,2 in (820 mm)
  • Pot diameter: from 9,05 in (230 mm)

Still-head +:

  • The dry cell built into the column serves for deeper cleaning of vapors from harmful impurities


  • Provides accurate steam temperature data


  • Made of high-quality food grade stainless steel.
  • Works on all type of stoves.
  • The food silicone gasket provides a tight seal and no smells during the distillation process


  1. Stainless steel alembic
  2. Copper column with still-head
  3. Digital thermometer

The still-head is a closed sealed container, which is located in the moonshine between the distillation pot and the cooling coil and is connected to them by tubes along which vapour moves. It first condenses a mixture of all the vapors, and due to the continuous supply of heat with the newly incoming mixture of vapors, the ethyl alcohol is again boiled, and the fusel oils are in the absolute majority retained in the still-head, that is, the priority condensation of the heavy-boiling fractions occurs.