Distilling equipment


Distillery equipment for sale in the USA

You can buy distillation equipment for sale at our online store in the USA and renew your old moonshine still. Choose everything you need at the lowest price and distill spirits or clean water by yourself.

Many manufacturers build distillation equipment for sale including steam distillation equipment and alcohol distillation equipment. Such items are used in different spheres for the production of:

Distillation equipment provides the process of separating components from the liquid by evaporation and condensation. Speaking of home distilling kits they say that the items do not pure the products totally but transfer important elements from the mixture to the distillate. Firstly the mash of grain or fruits is fermented, then heated and distilled by this apparatus. You can make the following types of distilled beverages using alcohol distilling equipment:

Their alcohol concentration is more than 30%.

Distilling equipment for sale includes many items: pot and column stills, alembic and essential oil distillers, oak barrels, thermometers, etc. They provide different types of the distilling process. The simple one is made by distilling equipment. The heating mixture turns into a vapor which is condensed in the cooler. The steam distillation kit helps to separate heat-sensitive elements. The steam is mixed with the mash that is the reason of vaporizing of some components. The result of cooling of this vapor is two fractions collected separately or separate on their own. This type of distillation apparatus kit let evaporate essential oils.

Moonshiners and winemakers want to buy distillery equipment for sale. It is a special kind of distillery kits which provides the making of alcohol beverages. You can add some new parts to your still using moonshine still equipment such as distilling columns or an electric heater.

There are the following elements in the alcohol still kit:

Some modifications of alcohol distiller kits (e.g. pot stills) do not include still towers where the process of purifying the rising mixture of fusel oils, aldehydes, ethers takes place. In other parts they are practically the same. Every alcohol distillation kit also has a container for collecting the ready-made product. It should be noted that these items can be used with all types of stoves (electric or gas one). The owner of a small business can choose craft distillery equipment to produce the best home-made beverages.