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Home distilling kits for sale in the USA

All the newcomers and experts in moonshine making are more than welcome to buy home stills for sale in the USA at our online store. We are happy to provide our Customers with low cost and high-quality products from proven Russian manufacturers.

Distilling equipment (also called home distilling kit) is the first thing for every moonshine maker. You hope to get the perfect beverages, and you will succeed having proven and high-quality home whiskey stills and other alcohol distillers. That is why we do it, our mission is to provide people with the best stuff for their hobby and life. A satisfied customer is our purpose and the final direction. Come and get your original home still kit at our online store!

What can you do with home distilling kit? It can help you to distill water from dirty to crystal clear, to make your family healthy and happy. You can also make herbal or oil extracts for cosmetics and therapeutic compresses. Certainly you can prepare magnificent home moonshine with these stills, and then use it to make classic Russian vodka, or aging scotch whiskey, keeping it in oak barrels.

Do you like gin or bourbon? Buy gin distillery equipment. We have a special home gin distillery kit, it is a multifunctional and easy-to-use alcohol distiller. All of then – flute or pot distillers – are welded not seamed. We are sure, it gives leak-free work and extends the life of your distillation kit.

Okay, what home distillery equipment is basic to make good moonshine and fits to starters and experts?

It is easy to work with our home distillation kit even if you are not experienced. We prepare a good instruction. We care about your health and we advice to use only multi-filtered homemade moonshine and whiskey stills to prevent some misunderstandings while you make moonshine for the first time. Do not hurry to taste the foreshot and follow your recipe strictly.

We offer stainless and copper home distilling equipment for sale. Stainless vessels are long-live and proven ones. It has a big wall thickness and sometimes a double bottom. It is equipped with serpentine cooler, additional gaskets, columns with mesh and plates filters. Copper homemade moonshine still kits are the best to get rid of fusel oils, methanol and other toxic elements. The 1 to 10 gallon volume copper distiller with hinged column is the best for whiskey and other noble beverages.