Alcohol distillation

Alcohol distillation

There are a lot of different serious and challenging hobby, and one the most interesting and attracting is home distilling! If you are a passionate moonshine maker or crafting brewer, this information is for you!

We sale high-quality distillation equipment. These items are best moonshiner’s friends and advisers. Both beginners and experienced makers think where to get recipes for the process of distillery, stills, and how to distill.

Firstly, you decide to start distilling alcohol at home. Wow, it is great! It is time for the right steps. Find information, and then try to figure out what you need to «get on the treadmill».

For different drinks there are different alcohol distillation processes and equipment. If you would like to prepare pure spirits or vodka, you need to get a rectifying column or one still-head stainless item and additional stuff for a mesh base as yeast, mixes of potatoes, sugar beet or raw sugar. Certainly you should find home distilling recipes and follow them while processing.

If you are going to make whiskey or brandy, you should know there are such models of apparatuses as:

  • Copper pot stills and alembics
  • Stainless reflux stills

Most of them have double still-head or long multi-filter towers to provide the most qualified distillation of alcohol. To cut it short, the procedure of home distillery is as follows: you prepare a wheat-yeast mixture with water and sugar, then put this base into a vessel and start to heat. The vapor moves to a column through the filters, and then spirit drops out. More filters men a clearer result.

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