How to make moonshine and moonshine recipes

How to make moonshine and moonshine recipes

After the ordering a new still one tries to find a book telling how to make moonshine at home. Read the article and buy all necessary ingredients at our Online Store Moonshine Stills in the USA. Let us start!

In the beginning non-experienced moonshiners choose easy recipes to learn the process of drink making. After improving the skills it is high time to start to make rum and high alcohol percentage drinks. But before it study the theory explaining how to make the best homemade moonshine.

First of all, it is important to know that the mentioned above drink is a variant of alcohol made with corn mash. The beverage is crystal clear and a bit potent. Making moonshine at home has some steps:

  • preparing a mash;
  • the fermentation of it;
  • the distillation of the result.

Let us see how moonshine is made in detail. You should put ingredients for moonshine whiskey or other variants of this drink into the special kettle or pot. There are corn, rye, yeast, sugar and water using for it. Mix the mash and let it be fermented for some days. After that siphon the result, fill the still with it and heat up. The process as at moonshine distillery starts! Check the temperature from time to time to get a good clear result.

The next question is connected with the theme of moonshine alcohol percentage. Some people say it is about 40-45 % like vodka. In some countries (e.g. Cameroon) the drink has even about 80 %. But by and large the answer for the question “how much alcohol is in moonshine” is 60 %.

The theory is over, so we start the most interesting thing for all beginners. There are many time-tested easy homemade moonshine recipes which you can try producing your first beverage. Here are some points useful for making whiskey and traditional or flavored spirits:

  • traditional way: water, sugar, corn meal, yeast and malt extract;
  • bright and deep taste of whisky: flaked maize, water, sugar/yeast, crushed malted barley;
  • fruit-flavored liquid: watermelon, raisins, sugar, lemons, wine yeast.

Choose one of the best flavored moonshine recipes and you can also make your own variant changing fruits to berries and vice versa. As for the amount of the ingredients we do not give you any proportions and numbers. These points depend on your taste, the volume of the still and the wanted gallons of beverages.

How do you make moonshine whisky? There are so many distillery kits that no one says which equipment is better. Speaking of such type of drinks experienced moonshiners underline the importance of purification which helps to avoid the absence of toxic elements. For this purpose the reflux stills are the best choice. They have a special tower or column for purifying the rising vapor of aldehydes and other chemical compounds after one single run.

Make your own alcohol drinks but remember about the law. You should have a special permit for distilling beverages.