How is vodka made?

How is vodka made?

If you like heady alcohol drinks and consider yourself the truly moonshiner you must be interested in such theme as how to make your own vodka at home using spirit stills . Reading these recommendations you can understand how to distill vodka or other heady spirits (cognac, whisky, brandy, tinctures and liqueurs) at home.

This drink is one of the most famous, popular and preferred in the world. But how is vodka made at home? When and where was it invented? According to one version Arabian doctor Pares made the first vodka distillation in 860 for medical purposes. But there is another point of view, Italian alchemist Valentius started to distill grape homemade spirits. By the modern standards this drink should be crystal pure, has 40 degrees of strength and a specific flavor.

Intending to distill the alcohol you should know how vodka is made and what products can be used for this purpose. As a rule distillation columns are used. With such equipment as reflux distillation column alcohol condenses fast and highly effective, a drink becomes harmless and pure. You can buy high quality stills at our online store.

So how do you make vodka? Take some ingredients:

  • Raw materials,
  • Sugar,
  • Water,
  • Yeast,
  • Barley malt (not in every recipe),
  • Several pieces of charcoal.

According to preferring raw materials you will distil potato, wheat, grains, maize, grape, fruit or vegetable spirit on your own. If you would like to know how to make homemade potato vodka you will be surprised because it is simple and cheapy. Do you know how to make vodka from potatoes? Just take several pounds of potato, boil it, mash it up, add sugar and other ingredients, and keep it in close pot for some hours. Then use reflux distillation to get alcohol and filter a liquid with several pieces of charcoal. So after reading this article you can give a full answer if somebody ever asks you “Oh, how’s vodka made?”

But many people are interested how to make flavoured vodka drinks. Professional moonshiners advise to add a lemon zest, spices (ground clove, red and black fragrant pepper, cardamom), pine nuts, bay leaf, vanilla, oak bark or even tea and coffee to a liquid. What flavor do you prefer? Just choose a pleasant combination and the question about how to make flavored vodka or other spirits will longer arise.