How to make whiskey and whiskey recipes

How to make whiskey and whiskey recipes

If you are interested to know how to make whiskey at home using whiskey stills, please, read the information below. We know a lot of guys – cheerful fellows and gloomy old men – who have something in common, it is a passion to make tasty and aromatic alcohol drinks by their own and distilling whiskey at home. Your own bourbon sounds fantastically great, it is not hard to distill it but to prepare homemade corn whiskey by old recipes is a challenge.

There is information that George Washington George Washington had his own whiskey mash recipe being sure that corn was everything for this matter! He also had a whiskey distillation apparatus. We suspect it could be interesting to his opponents. One way or another, the history of how to distill whiskey in America is very impressive.

If you want to understand how to make your own whiskey, you should start rather from the very beginning. First of all, you need to get wheat, barley or corn to prepare good mash. Do you not know how to make whiskey mash? It is easy. You should use untreated corn or barley, take the amount of them (all this information you can find in our instruction how to make homemade scotch whiskey, enclosed to every item we sale) and saturate it with warm water for a while before distilling it.

Are you still curious how to make bourbon at home? After that heat prepared mix properly, and when the temperature became 186,8° F, put there a necessary amount of yeast and stir for 5-7 minutes. Pour it out into the jar, close tightly and wait for from 5 to 10 days. After that – wow – your mash is ready!

So the whisky distillation process is the future now. Use one of our original Russian stills: copper for better purification or stainless for faster final result. To find clue finally, how whiskey is made, put you mash into the pot or vessel then start to heat: the manual and thermometer will help you to do it right. Purification process is not complicated; your vapor of spirits flies through the mesh or plates filters, finally comes out from a rectifying tower and drops down to a special bottle or jar.

And the final step is to put crystal clear spirit into an oak barrel then sit down and wait for 3 months or 10 years (it depends on your patience). If you want to imbue your beverage with aromas of fruit or berries, add in a barrel some chips, dried fruits or flavors (various additions in different scotch whiskey recipes). That is it in short about distillation of the whisky, folks!