Oak barrels

Small oak and other wooden barrels for sale in the USA

We would like to recommend to buy oak barrels for sale at our online store in the USA. The lowest prices, a wide range of items from the best Russian manufacturers and an easy-to-use catalogue help to make the right choice.

Mini charred oak barrels for sale are made of a high quality natural wood using the best kegs making techniques. These items do not contain wax, toxic lacquer, paint or glue. Goods are harmless and eco-friendly. All wooden plates are fitted very tight and fastened with an iron hoop. So water or alcohol does not begin to seep through them.

Such distillation equipment as mini oak charred barrels can add a deep cognac color and a specific old taste to your spirits. Do you like homemade whisky or rum? You can make it yourself! How to do it? The first step is to make a pure moonshine using a pot still (or in your usual way). The second step is to buy mini wooden barrel and fill it with an alcohol. Then your drink should be kept in a dark cool place (cellar, garage and pantry are suitable).

If you choose cheap old wooden barrels for sale the most important thing you should know a needed size and capacity of a white oak barrel. Russian manufacturers can produce cheap 3-90 liter (0,66-19,8 gallon) kegs. Think about quantity of an alcohol you would like to get before ordering the toasted barrel. Small white oak barrels for sale also differ in toasting degree. The good choice is a medium toasted barrel made of oak .

Inside small wooden barrels for sale you can also keep some products like pickled cucumbers, cabbage, meat, fish, lard, oil, berries or mushrooms. Oak and other wooden barrels for sale contain in its structure tannins and other components that make flavor of products deeper. Moreover tannins have an antibacterial effect, inhibit food from bacterial growth, rot, putrefaction and keep an original taste of drink.

Our online store offers various types of handwork goods. You can order models with a spigot, special bung and base stand in complete set. Start to get a delicious home-made cognac, rum, whisky, wines, liqueur with us right now!