Oak jug on the stand 0,79; 1,32; 2,64 gal

Select 0,79 gall (3 L) 1,32 gall (5 L) 2,64 gall (10 L) 0.79 gall (3 L) Stainless steel 1,32 gall (5 L) Stainless steel 2.64 gall (10 L) Stainless steel
Marking К041401 К041403 К041405 К041402 К041404 К041406
Weight, lb 4.8 6.17 9.48 4.8 6.17 9.48
Height, inch 8 10 12 8 10 12
Width, inch 8 9 11 8 9 11
Depth, inch 8 9 11 8 9 11
Volume, gall 0.79 1.32 2.64 0.79 1.32 2.64
Hoop material galvanized hoops galvanized hoops galvanized hoops stainless steel hoops stainless steel hoops stainless steel hoops
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The jug is a solid oak can with a cork and a cork. A special stand securely fixes the container, giving it the correct position. A wooden barrel is an ideal gift for real men.


  • Oak jug with a capacity of 0,79; 1,32; 2,64 gallons.
  • Two versions - on hoops made of galvanized and stainless steel. (Stainless steel hoops are more durable and presentable).
  • The material of the spigot is chrome plated plastic.

Oak grows in the Ukraine in the Cherkassy and Kirovograd regions, the jug is adored, open, medium fire. The oak jug on the stand will take an honorable place both at home and at the dacha, and in the office and restaurant. This wooden handsome will give a refined style to almost any interior, and what is most pleasant - besides the aesthetic pleasure of the jug is very practical in use. Their secrets and unique technologies have survived to our time, than we are guided in our production of oak jugs.

Today, plastic, glass and metal containers for storing wine, beer or soft drinks are more common. Only a few know that the correct kvass or real wine can be obtained only in a vessel made of natural wood, preferably oak. Coloring forms of a wooden barrel attracts attractively the eyes of others. Cooper jugs are a quality souvenir product, they are nice to give and receive as a gift.