Oak barrel 0.8, 1.3, 2.6 gal

Select model Price Weight, lb Height, inch Width, inch Volume, gall Hoop material
0.8 gall (3 L) $183 
5.9 lb 8 inch 8 inch 0.8 gall galvanized hoops
1.3 gall (5 L) $208 
7.5 lb 10 inch 9 inch 1.3 gall galvanized hoops
2.6 gall (10 L) $241 
9.5 lb 12 inch 11 inch 2.6 gall galvanized hoops
0.8 gall (3 L) stainless steel $189 
5.9 lb 8 inch 8 inch 0.8 gall stainless steel hoops
1.3 gall (5 L) stainless steel $213 
7.5 lb 10 inch 9 inch 1.3 gall stainless steel hoops
2.6 gall (10 L) stainless steel $254 
9.5 lb 12 inch 11 inch 2.6 gall stainless steel hoops

Oak grows in Ukraine in the Cherkassy and Kirovograd regions, barrels burned, open, medium fire. The oak barrel of wine on the stand is made according to traditional cooperage technology from high-quality high-quality oak without the use of piles, glue and varnish. The wooden barrel is completed with a crane and a stopper, and also a special stand.

It is difficult to argue with the well-known fact that it's oak barrels that are best suited for the preparation, storage and transport of wines, various tinctures, beer, cognac and vodka.


  • Oak barrels capacity - 0.8 gall (3 L), 1.3 gall (5 L) and 2.6 gall (10 L)
  • Material of hoops - stainless steel or cink steel
  • Spigot - сhrome plated plastic
  • Barrels burned inside
  • Stand

Preparation of the barrel:

The barrel is filled with cold water and soaked for 5-30 days. The duration of soaking depends on how much the barrel tree has had to dry out and when the water to be replaced is clean and odorless. Water is changed every 1-2 days. In most cases, the process lasts for one week.

After this, the barrel is washed with a solution of baking soda. At 1/3 barrel filled with boiling water and add soda at a rate of 2 g per 1 liter (0,26 gal) of water. Then merge. After this, carefully wash the barrel of clean drinking hot and then with cold water.

In addition, you can advise to treat the barrel with steam or steep boiling water - this procedure contributes to the decontamination and enhancement of the aroma of wood.

As soon as the steamed barrel dries slightly, drinks are immediately poured into it.