Oak barrel Allary Proff

Select 2.6 gall (10 L) 1.3 gall (5 L) 5.3 gall (20 L)
Marking К066645 К066647 К066646
Weight, lb 11 8.8 19.8
Height, inch 11 9 14
Width, inch 10 9 13
Depth, inch 14 11 17
Volume, gall 2.6 1.3 5.3
Price including shipping in the USA



$1 265 

A 5 gallon oak barrel Allary Proff is created for aging, storage and transportation of wine, brandy, whiskey and other alcohol beverages.

The container is made of Limousin oak (France) which is deservedly considered to be the best material to produce barrels. As this type of wood grows on dry soil, its structure has an optimum density and low moisture absorption. Order these 5 gallon oak barrels for sale once, and they will serve you more than 30 years.

These items are made with worldwide cooperage technology. After pre-drying for 6-8 months, the wood is sawn, split and properly polished. A hoop material is galvanized steel.