Бочка   5 л Эк2 на подставке с краном, дуб Бочка   5 л Эк2 на подставке с краном, дуб


Oak barrel Export 2 on a stand

Select model 0,79 gal (3 L) 1,32 gal (5 L) 2,64 gal (10 L) 3,96 gal (15 L)
Marking Н000469 К069593 К069596 К069598
Volume, gall 0.79 1.32 2.64 3.96
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The oak barrel is the best container for aging wines, various tinctures or cognac. To give the drink a unique taste, color and aroma, only high-quality oak is used in the process of making barrels.

The surface of the barrel Export-2 is not smooth, but with chamfers at the junction points. Thanks to the bevels, the barrel has a rough (brutal) appearance. The surface is treated with teak oil, because of this the barrel has a darker color than the Export model.

Barrels with a drink must be stored under certain conditions: humidity 80-85%, temperature about 12 ° C (53,6 F) for wine and about 16 ° C (60,8 oF) for strong drinks. With decreasing temperature, the process of ripening and aging of the drink is inhibited or stopped. And with insufficient humidity and high temperature, the so-called share of the angel grows - the percentage of alcohol evaporating through the pores of the rivet. Vinokurs who do not have the ability to store a barrel under ideal conditions buy beeswax and process a barrel for them to minimize the percentage of evaporation.


  • Barrel.
  • Stand.
  • Oak spigot.
  • Filler bung.