oak barrel proff x3


Oak barrel Proff on stand x3 American oak

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1 gall (4 L) $1 786 
1 gall
2.1 gall (8 L) $2 096 
2.1 gall

Oak barrel Proff (American oak) 3 pcs. perfect for storing and aging alcoholic beverages (whiskey, brandy, wine, etc). Also suitable for storing and transporting beverages.

Advantages of the oak barrel 1 gal.(4 L) Proff on the stand 3 pcs. (American oak):

Save your budget - the cost of 1 bottle of cognac, aged in such a barrel is no more than 0.5 USD, taking into account all costs.
Barrels are made of oak, which grows in ecologically clean areas. Such wood has a special strength, while allowing the drink to breathe. It contains a large amount of tannins, which contribute to the ennobling of alcohol.
Masters-bonders in the production process respect ancient cooperative technologies, which for several centuries have reached their perfection. Wood splits along the fibers, so the product does not leak and serves several decades.
The life of the barrels on the stand is at least 30 years.
The barrel is tied with hoops of dyed iron, which give the tank extra strength. Throughout their service life, they do not rust and deform.
The spigot is made of stainless steel, which does not give the beverage a foreign taste and smell, will not break down from corrosion.
Drums are equipped with a stand, which prevents them from rolling away and the occurrence of mechanical damage.
Thanks to it's attractive appearance, the kit of barrels will decorate any interior. It can be put in the living room, in a bar, restaurant, shop, wine cellar. Barrel on the stand 3 pcs. Has small dimensions, so you will not have any difficulties with the place of it's storage.