Oak barrel 'Proff' Oak barrel 'Proff' Oak barrel 'Proff'


Oak barrel Proff

Select model Price Volume, gall
1.3 gall (5 L) $319 
1.3 gall
2.6 gall (10 L) $415 
2.6 gall
5.3 gall (20 L) $491 
5.3 gall
7.9 gall (30 L) $591 
7.9 gall
13.2 gall (50 L) $819 
13.2 gall

Barrel Prof Slavonian oak is designed for aging, storage and transportation of alcoholic beverages.


  • Barrel
  • Wooden valve
  • Stand

Important! When using an alcohol cask, remove the spigot and plug the hole with a bung stopper.

Advantages of the oak barrel Proff:

Save your budget - the cost of 1 bottle of cognac, aged in such a barrel is no more than 0.5 USD, including all costs.
The product is made of Slavonian oak, which is one of the best in Europe materials for the production of barrels. It's structure is characterized by high density and low degree of moisture absorption, which is provided by a dry climate in the place where the tree grows. Due to this, the service life is increased. If the domestic analogues do not exceed 5 years, the Serbian barrels will last more than 30 years.
The materials used are completely safe for health. Glue, paint and other chemical substances are not used in the manufacture.
Barrels are produced according to the proven traditional cooperative technologies, which serves as an additional guarantee of quality and reliability.
Wood has a high content of tannins, which has a positive effect on the quality of drinks. Their taste is getting brighter, color is more saturated, and the flavor is fuller.
The tree is not sawed, as is customary in some countries, but splits along the fibers - this ensures greater strength of the products. The structure of the wood is not disturbed, which excludes any leakage and reduces the natural evaporation of the drink (shrinkage) during storage and aging.
Wooden billets intended for the production of barrels are dried for 3-4 years in the open air, which naturally results in their hardening.
The product is equipped with a wooden spigot. Wood does not react with the drink, so it does not affect it's taste and aroma.
Wide hoops reliably tighten the entire structure. They are made of galvanized steel and are not subject to corrosion.
Unlike domestic analogues, the barrel from the Slavonian oak does not pipe a long soak and is ready for use the very next day after the purchase. A barrel of Slavonian oak will be an excellent gift to all lovers of home-made alcoholic beverages. Thanks to it's elegant appearance, it will decorate the interior of any room.