Oak barrel Proff american oak

Oak barrel Proff american oak

Oak barrel Proff american oak

Select Price Weight, lb Height, inch
1 gall (4 L) $736 
3.3 lb 260 inch
2.1 gall (8 L) $775 
3.5 lb 330 inch
4.2 gall (16 L) $921 
7 lb 400 inch
8.4 gall (32 L) $1 231 
11.5 lb 500 inch
16.9 gall (64 L) $1 702 
18 lb 600 inch

Oak barrel Proff (American oak) perfect for storing and aging alcoholic beverages (whiskey, brandy, wine, etc).


  • Barrel
  • Stand
  • Spigot
  • Plug

Advantages of the oak barrel Proff (American oak):

Save your budget - the cost of 1 bottle of cognac, aged in such a barrel is no more than 0.5 USD, taking into account all costs.
The barrel is made of high quality American white oak, which is grown on a special plantation in Kentucky. This wood has a lot of tannins, which give the alcohol a noble, more intense taste, color and smell.
The bonded product is made in accordance with traditional technologies, which serves as a guarantee of quality and reliability. For the production of barrels, trees 80-100 years old are used. The wood is neatly split along the fibers and dried for 1.5-2 years. The preservation of the structure of the tree and proper drying ensure that such a barrel will never give a leak and will serve it's owner for more than a decade.
Service life of bonded products from 30 years.
Hoops are made of high-quality colored iron. They tightly tighten the entire structure, with time do not deform, do not undergo corrosion.
Your cooperative product will easily turn into a mini-bar thanks to the built-in shelf for wine glasses. It will become the center of any holiday or feast!
The spigot of the container is made of high quality stainless steel, which does not oxidize and does not react with alcohol.
Thanks to the strong burned, you can withstand such strong drinks in the cooperage as whiskey, rum, brandy, etc.
The barrel is made of environmentally friendly material. Masters do not use glue, lacquers and other chemicals in their work;
A convenient stand allows the barrel not to touch the plane, which significantly increases the service life and emphasizes a presentable appearance. Exquisite design of a wooden container will make it a perfect addition to the interior of an apartment, a country house, a cafe or a restaurant.
Any connoisseur of home winemaking and home-brewing will be pleased with such an original gift as a barrel from American oak.