Pot stills


Copper pot stills for sale in the USA

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If you know something about rum or whisky copper pot stills you can tell what parts they consist of: distilling boils, thermometers, coolers with coils, condensers. The made mashes are collected in the kettles where they are heated up. As a substance with a low boiling point, alcohol starts to evaporate at 173 degrees Fahrenheit. It passes into the cooler through the coil, leaving fusel oils, impurities, heavy metals. Then the mixture cools off, turns into the pot still whiskey or rum, and runs down.

After the first run, the purity of drinks in these distillers is about 50%; there is a plenty of flavor in them. If you need to increase this value, put the distillate through the distilling pot again. The liquid loses flavor and becomes cleaner.

What kind of drinks can you make using such devices? Everything you want except neutral spirits. Try to get whiskey, calvados or cognac. Prepare ingredients (grains, fruit or sugar as feed material; cones, aromatic herbs or nuts), and let the run begin! The pot still whisky will be good if you buy the best pot distillers for sale.