Moonshine distiller 'De Luxe' with still-head still-head


Moonshine distiller De Luxe with still-head

Select model 3.2 gall (12 L) 3.9 gall (15 L) 5.5 gall (21 L) 7.1 gall (27 L)
Marking К037978 К037979 К037980 К037981
Pot diameter, inch (mm) 9 (230) 9 (230) 11 (280) 11.8 (300)
Weight, lb 16.5 19.8 23.1 26.4
Height, inch 23 26 25 26
Volume, gall 3.2 3.9 5.5 7.1
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This moonshine distiller model is a modification of the moonshine distiller Home. The De Luxe version has a number of additional technical innovations in the design, which makes the distillation process more comfortable and productive.

The Alembic has the shape of an elongated cylinder, which allowed to reduce the occupied space on the plate, and also favorably affects the distillation process.

The still-head is a small additional capacity, installed between the main pot and the coil. It excludes getting brags into the final product.

The still-head is equipped with a special spigot for draining fusel oil, which significantly improves the quality of the beverage. Through the drain valve, which is present in the Lux model, all harmful substances can conveniently be drained from a still-head.

The device allows you to get a high quality beverage, with respect to non-complex distillation rules. All you need to do is pour the brag and put the machine on the stove. To cool the coil, the appliance is connected to a cold water source, for example, to an ordinary tap of cold water. The heating of the tank comes from an external heat source - both electric and gas cookers are suitable.

The pot is made of food grade stainless steel AISI 304/430, the wall thickness of the tank is 0.07 in (2 mm), which ensures a long service life and quality of the final product. From the same steel, the coil of the apparatus is manufactured, corresponding to the classical scheme of five spiral turns.

Self-contained apparatus has a simple and reliable design, the tank is easy to clean after use. High-quality materials and components, such as a metal thermal sensor and gaskets made of heat-resistant food silicone, guarantee a long service life and reliability.


  • Material — food stainless steel (AISI 304 / 430).
  • Wall thickness — 0.06-0.08 in (1.5-2 mm)
  • Serpentine pipe diameter — 0.4 in (10 mm), length - 47.2 in (1200 mm), 5 coils
  • Cooler height 7.9 (200 mm), diameter 3.5 in (90 mm)
  • Pipe from the lid to the gauge — length 7.9 in (200 mm), thickness 1.4 in (35 mm)
  • Pipe  from the gauge to the still-head — length 7.9 in (200 mm), diameter 0.8 in (20 mm)
  • Pipe from the still-head to the cooler — length 2 in (50 mm), diameter 0.8 in (20 mm)
  • Lid (flange) thickness — 0.08 in (2 mm)
  • Lid liner — food heat-resistant silicone, thickness 0.2 in (5 mm)

Component parts:

  • Alembic
  • Bimetal thermometer
  • Serpentine cooler
  • Still-head
  • Still-head tap
  • Connection pipe
  • Silicone liner
  • Fly nuts x6
  • Transportation bag
  • Alcoholmeter
  • Data sheet
  • Recipe book (manual for novices)
  • Pack of alcohol yeast

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