Moonshine distiller Malinovka Country

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3.17 gall (12BKT) $238 
3.17 gall
5.28 gall (20BKT) $292 
5.28 gall

Moonshine distiller Malinovka Country

Simple and compact moonshine distiller Malinovka Country allows to use the unit at any place even if there is no flowing water.

  1. Apparatus body is made of safe food-grade stainless steel AISI 304 sheets. A ready-made tank does not react with liquid inside it.
  2. The unit is provided with a large diameter filler neck (75 mm). It allows to pour wash into a tank and clean it after using with no efforts.


  • The distiller is provided with a durable open-type cooler – a coil. It allows to use the unit at any place even if there is no cold flowing water.

Connecting pipes:

  • 8 mm thickness connecting pipes allow to reduce heating costs and cut down the time of distillation.

Built-in thermometer:

  • During moonshine making, especially during the selection of the main fraction, it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature of 78-90 degrees Celsius to get purified high-quality moonshine.