Moonshine distiller Malinovka Kapitan PRO

Select model Price Height, inch Width, inch Volume, gall
5,28 gall (20 L) $663 
45 inch 10 inch 5.28 gall
7.92 gall (30 L) $731 
47 inch 12 inch 7.92 gall

Moonshine distiller Malinovka Captain PRO is not a usual device, it is a transformer easy to assemble and use. The unit is characterised by modular construction that allows to get access to any part of the device if necessary. The unit allowing to control distillation process from A to Z will be a real catch for people who enjoy making drinks at home.

Advantages of the unit: 

  • Clamp connection providing convenience and leak resistance when assembling and during the unit usage.
  • Removable proofing parrot with a tap that makes the unit more convenient to use.
  • Four-tube cooler with a pressure relief valve.
  • Sturdy tank bottom of 4 mm thickness
  • Observation port installation is possible. It allows to control the process from A to Z.
  • Turning angle pipe with a nozzle for a thermometer allowing the unit to take less space.
  • Two thermometers for overall temperature control.
  • Wide filler neck (110 mm) allowing to pour wash into the tank with no effort.
  • Reflux condenser providing fusel oils removal
  • Suitable for all types of stoves.


  1. Tubes diameter: 38 mm
  2. Type of thumper: reflux condenser
  3. Thermometer: 1 electronic, 1 bimetallic
  4. Taps: 1 alembic drain tap, 1 proofing parrot tap
  5. Capacity: up to 6l/h
  6. Filler neck size: 110 mm
  7. Alembic (tank) wall thickness: 1,5 mm
  8. Alembic(tank) bottom thickness: 4 mm


  • Alembic. The unit has strengthen bottom (thickness – 4 mm), 1,5 mm thickness walls as well as strengthen filler neck (3 mm). It is suitable for using on all types of stoves, including induction ones. 
  • Wide filler neck (110 mm) makes it easy to pour wash into the tank and clean the unit after using.
  • Removable proofing parrot.  It is not just removable but separable as well. Having a pressure control valve the aerometer is more precise. It allows to control final product proof more carefully.
  • Observation port (diopter). It allows to observe how wash converts into the final product of high quality.
  • Drain tap. There is a drain tap with a hose fitting at the bottom of the tank. It makes it easier to drain hot wash left after distillation. There is no need to wait for wash cooling. It is especially important when plenty of wash is distilled.
  • Air escape pipe allows to avoid excess pressure and get drinks with no breaks.
  • Reflux condenser provides 100% removal of fusel oils. After cooling and condensation fusel oils and other toxic impurities go back to the alembic. With the distiller Malinovka Captain PRO you will not need to drain fusel oils from a thumper.
  • Two thermometers. For best temperature control the alembic is provided with analog thermometer and the elbow pipe is provided with high-precision electronic thermometer. They allow to make drinks according to any recipes you like.
  • Two proof adjusting screws control water supply to the reflux condenser. There are three operating modes: distillation, strengthening and purification.
  • 90 angle pipe. There are two elbow pipes with connecting clamps that enable you to construct the unit in the way you need to get required drinks.
  • Shell-and-coil cooler is a part where vapors turn into the mixture of distillate and fusel oils. The mixture is reheated after reacting with rising hot vapors. As the result, purified distillate evaporates. 
  • To get hard alcohol (up to 96%), it is necessary to provide the unit with rectification column (cylinder shell is included).
  • Aesthetic wooden handles for safe work with the unit.
  • Automated assembly line is used for the manufacture of the unit. High quality of all weld seams is guaranteed.
  • No limitations of threaded connection. Only clamp connection – one of the most convenient and reliable types of connection – is used.