Distiller Malinovka Master

Select model Price Height, inch Volume, gall
3.17 gall (12 L) $262 
22 inch 3.17 gall
5.28 gall (20 L) $302 
26 inch 5.28 gall

Moonshine distiller Malinovka Master is an ideal unit for everyone who needs an economic and user-friendly apparatus allowing to get the final product of high quality.


  • A built-in cooler with 1 m long coil helps to reduce the time of cooling and speed up distillation process. As a result you will get cool and pure moonshine.

Connecting pipes:

  • Сonnecting pipes (8 mm in diameter) also allow to speed up distillation process. They reduce heating expenses and the time of distillation.

Built-in thermometer:

  • To get high quality moonshine, it is extremely important to maintain a temperature of 78-90°C (especially during the main fraction selection).