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Moonshine distiller Malinovka Premium PRO

Select model Price Pot diameter, inch (mm) Height, inch Volume, gall
3.2 gall (12 L) $319 
8.6 (220) 17 inch 3.2 gall
5.3 gall (20 L) $319 
9,8 (250) 22 inch 5.3 gall


  • Capacity – 12, 20 liters
  • Wide filler neck – 100 mm
  • Separable thumper
  • Thumper drain screw
  • Thermometer
  • Wooden handles
  • Module construction.


A thumper is a tightly closed vessel installed between an alembic and a coil cooler and connected to mentioned parts with pipes. It is used for ethyl alcohol re-boiling and heavy fractions condensation. Most fusel oils remain in a thumper.

  • Wide filler neck with inner diameter of 100mm allows to pour wash into the tank and clean the unit after using easily.
  • Wide connecting pipes with inner diameter of 10 mm allow to avoid blockage problems.  
  • High capacity – up to 3 l/h (provided with wide connecting pipes)
  • Versatility. To get hard alcohol with a proof up to 96%, it is possible to install a rectification column (column and reflux condenser are purchased separately)
  • Separable thumper allows to remove all fusel oils. There is a fitting for fusel oils drain. Different dried fruit, herbs and flavors can be put in the thumper to give the final product splendid taste.
  • Thermometer for total control of temperature.
  • The unit made of polished heat-resistant stainless steel looks beautiful. 
  • Efficient vertical cooler that speeds up distillation process by 15-20% and allows to get icy final product.
  • Wooden handles for safe work with the unit.
  • 100% leak resistance is provided with fitting connections and food silicone gaskets of all the necks. 
  • The apparatus made of stainless steel is provided with a thumper and a bimetallic thermometer.
  • Durable joints provide moonshine still leak resistance.
  • With a bimetallic thermometer you are always able to maintain a temperature mode of distillation process to get the final product of required quality.
  • All the parts are made of stainless steel
  • Thickness of the metal is 1 mm
  • Having durable argon welding seams the unit can be successfully used under high temperature conditions. All the seams are inside the distiller so the unit resembling a mirror looks more attractive.
  • Tank lid gasket provides complete leak resistance of the tank.
  • The unit is compact. There is much space between a stove and an exhaust hood when it is used.
  • It is suitable for using on gas and electric stoves, including ones with glass ceramic tops.