Distiller Malinovka Premium

Select model Price Height, inch Width, inch Volume, gall
3.17 gall (12 L) $288 
17 inch 9 inch 3.17 gall
5.28 gall (20 L) $349 
23 inch 10 inch 5.28 gall

Moonshine distiller Malinovka Premium has a lot of constructional features. A wide filler neck (95 mm in diameter) allows to wash the pot after use without any troubles. Joints of the apparatus are equipped with food silicone gaskets.

  1. The Distiller Malinovka Premium delivered in nice cardboard box will be a great present.
  2. To get a high-quality drink, you should maintain a temperature of 78-90°C during the process of moonshine making (especially during the main fraction selection).

A wide neck is:

  • threaded
  • 95 mm in diameter

A flow-type cooler:

  • provides vapors condensation
  • has a 1.5 meter long coil
  • pipe diameter is 10 mm

A thermometer:

  • provides temperature control during distillation process

The flow-type cooler with 1.5 meter long coil speeds up distillation process and allows you to get cool moonshine.

For best purification of the final product moonshine distiller Malinovka Premium is provided with a thumper that collects fusel oils. It has a convenient drain ball valve.

Thick pipes (10 mm in diameter) speed up distillation process, save your time and reduce heating expenses.