Distiller Malinovka Shchukin NEW

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3.17 gall (12 L) $397 
3.17 gall
5.28 gall (20 L) $464 
5.28 gall
7.92 gall (30 L) $531 
7.92 gall

The Moonshine distiller Shchukin has a lot of constructional features. A wide neck (100 mm in diameter) allows to wash the pot after use without any troubles.

  • The Distiller Shchukin delivered in nice cardboard box will be a great present.

In a complete set you will find:

  1. Moonshine distiller
  2. Warranty card
  3. User guide

  • The first thumper is installed high enough to avoid the ingress of scum. This unit collects toxic impurities during the distillation process. The second thumper is usually filled with various fruits, herbs and flavor enhancers that make the final product more delicious. Both thumpers are provided with fittings and ball valves for fusel oils drain.
  • A cooler with 1.5 meter long coil has a vertical position that increases the distillation rate by 15-20%, provides better cooling and, as a result, you get an ice-cold final product. The cooler is equipped with a digital thermometer. Due to this you can control the temperature in the cooler and avoid excess water consumption.