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Moonshine distiller Salyut

Select model Price Pot diameter, inch (mm) Height, inch Volume, gall
3.2 gall (12 L) $431 
9 (230) 36 inch 3.2 gall
3.9 gall (15 L) $431 
11 (280) 34 inch 3.9 gall
5.3 gall (20 L) $431 
11 (280) 35 inch 5.3 gall
7.9 gall (30 L) $431 
11.8 (300) 40 inch 7.9 gall
3.2 gall (12 L) (Heating element) $431 
9 (230) 36 inch 3.2 gall
3.9 gall (15 L) (Heating element) $431 
11 (280) 34 inch 3.9 gall
5.3 gall (20 L) (Heating element) $431 
11 (280) 35 inch 5.3 gall
7.9 gall (30 L) (Heating element) $431 
11.8 (300) 40 inch 7.9 gall

Present to you the moonshine distiller Salyut. It is a high-capacity unit for home brewing and distilling in medium and great volume. Thanks to partial rectification this model allows to get the final product with a proof of more than 70% after the first distillation. Partial rectification is the process of alcohol vapors strengthening and purification after the contact with reflux condensate. As a result, you get a highly-purified product.  

Complete set:

  1. Alembic: 1 pc
  2. Silicone gasket for the alembic: 1 pc
  3. Wing nut: 6 pcs
  4. Tubular cooler: 1 pc
  5. Reflux condenser: 1 pc
  6. Digital temperature gauge: 1 pc
  7. Recipe book, passport, warranty card: 1 pc
  8. Box: 1 pc

The distiller Salyut is provided with:

  • A flange corresponding to a wide filler neck of the alembic. It is fixed with threaded nut wings. There is a Panchenkov wire nozzle in a cylinder shell that provides efficient purification of the final product.
  • A reflux condenser built in the cylinder shell top. It provides initial condensation that starts purification process. Alcohol vapors get through the reflux condensate that covers a Panchenkov wire nozzle. It leads to strengthening and final purification of alcohol vapors.
  • A nozzle for an electronic thermometer. It helps to monitor the temperature, adjust the mode of distillation and get needed distillates.
  • Flow-type coil cooler of high efficiency that guarantees total condensation with minimum water consumption even at quick distillation process.

All parts of the unit are made of high quality stainless steel, so they are corrosion-resistant even when used under high temperature conditions. The design of complete apparatus allows to avoid free-space loss.