All prices on the website include the cost of postal delivery to your local postal office. No extra-delivery charges are paid. Optionally, you can agree on faster delivery by express mail such as EMS or by any transportation company conducting transportation services from Russia. In such case the customer pays the delivery cost at own expense.

Time of delivery

Time of delivery depends on the time of dispatch: it takes less time to deliver a parcel in spring or summer, but the delivery is much slower before holidays in autumn and winter when the number of purchases from overseas boosts, and the customs fails to process all dispatches in time. Upon mailing your parcel, we provide you with the track number, so that you can track the delivery status on the Post website.

1stday: we receive payment confirmation and contact Russian manufacturers. If the manufacturers do not have the items you ordered or their manufacturing takes some time, we will surely inform you about it. The money for the missing items will be refunded to your account, or you can exchange these items, and our manager will help you to select a proper substitution.

2nd-3rddays: manufacturers dispatch goods to our warehouse.

5th-14thdays: we receive goods. The time of goods delivery to our warehouse depends on the manufacturer’s location, on average it takes 3–7 days. We receive your orders and check them for defects. If no defects are detected, we take a photo of the items arrived and send this photo to you via e-mail. After that we transfer the goods to the Russian Post for further transportation to your address. After an individual track number is assigned to the parcel, we send it to you, so that you can track the delivery status of the parcel on the Post website.

25th-60thdays: You receive the parcel.

The events which can extend the time of delivery:

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