1.What guarantee is there that you will not make off with my money?

All of your payments go through PayPal, in which we have partner authorization. When concluding such kind of agreements, payment systems check all documents with due diligence and make stringent requirements to their partner stores, suspending operation on the first serious complaint with its proper investigation.

We take studio photos of your order, which is 100% guarantee that you will receive the goods ordered. If you are not satisfied with the goods you see in the photo, you can reject or change them. You can also look through reviews of our customers who already received their purchases from our online store.

2.What guarantee is there that the postal parcel will not get lost?

Upon sending the parcel, we provide you with a track number you can use to track the parcel delivery. Please note that there is no guaranteed delivery date, as the delivery is carried out by the Post. On average it takes 30 days to deliver the parcel.

We exert our best efforts to ensure preservation of the sent item sand have been receiving great reviews about perfect packing.

3.What warranties are there for the goods purchased?

We warrant that we examine each product before mailing and take a free studio-quality photo of products for you. Each item is checked for

4.What is to be done if the item arrived none the less has a manufacturing defect?

If you detect any manufacturing defects that prevent its use for intended purpose, please provide us with a photo or video demonstrating the defect. If the defect presence is evident, we will send you the damaged part (if possible) or the whole new item.

5.What is to be done if the device breaks down?

All products are provided with a 6-month warranty from the purchase receipt date.

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