Stainless steel stills


Stainless steel moonshine stills for sale in the USA

Take a look at stainless steel moonshine stills for sale at our online store in the USA. Low-priced Russian devices ¬are your only right choice to get hangover-free drinks and preserve the long-standing traditions of making beverages.

Stainless steel distillers are often compared to the copper one, which reacts with sulfides leading to the reason of bad-tasted beverages. Experienced moonshiners prefer the first one because of its durability; the big advantage helps to make fuel alcohol. This type of distillers also costs lower; it is easy to clean after the process of getting drinks. We recommend you stainless steel moonshine stills for sale because they will work properly and make good products. Moreover they have a resistance to tarnishing and corrosion of their parts.