Oak barrels for bourbon (whiskey) and rum

Mini bourbon (whiskey) and rum barrels for sale in the USA

If you are dreaming about clear and tasty homemade cognac and bourbon, buy empty whiskey barrels for sale in the USA. We offer low prices and the best quality products from original Russian manufacturers.

How can oak whiskey and rum barrels help you to do a great tipple by yourself? It is easy. When you finally got your high-clear spirits from two columns rectification moonshine still, you can use it as it is, or prepare am aromatic and beautiful noble-brown color liquor. All you need is to buy mini whiskey barrel and pour your spirits into it. Keep this at cool and dark place for one week or one, three, five and even 10 years and get the fantastically astonishing and appetizing homemade aging (maturing) beverage.

Some experienced moonshine makers buy oak bourbon (whiskey) barrels for sale with oak or cedar chips to enhance the taste. Please, pay attention that your raw alcohol should be purified of fusel oils and odors before filling into the whiskey oak aging barrel.

You can choose cheap small whiskey barrel for sale or a big one, in accordance with your purposes. All our items from all price segments are made carefully, without clue, toxic components or paint. We care about customer satisfaction and offer items made of natural components and with old techniques of coopers. All liquor barrels are made with wooden oak slats, united by strong metal rims.

Our moonshiners’ equipment contains a lot of additional parts; you can order small heads to pour prepared drinks and big heads to seal the barrels of homemade whiskey. All heads are equipped with tight natural gasket, so you can be calm for the quantity and quality of your beverages. Make a profitable order at our online store and buy the bourbon barrel heads for sale.

There is rum lovers’ rule that rum can be matured in the oak kegs which content rum only. Its aroma and taste get stronger with every year and it is impossible to keep different noble drinks in the same place after or before rum. You can order rum barrel for sale and choose the volume of each of them.

Keeping home tequila is also a challenging task. You can buy a cheap tequila barrel, or use already «experienced» bourbon barrel then put into it tequila brewed base and keep it at least two months. If your vessel contained bourbon before, it will give your tequila rich caramel color and wooden odor.

Buying wood whiskey barrels for home moonshine keeping, please, remember a few simple rules:

Manufacturers use American oak and Caucasian one which give a stronger aroma and taste of wood musk and flowers all in one. Do you know the old American principle of «triangle in keg»? This is the combination of the taste of distillate, the character of vessel and the time of keeping. So even if you just start your home moonshine practice buy mini bourbon barrels for sale and enjoy the best result of your home distilled barrel whiskey.

To prepare exclusive drinks by yourself, you can use fruits, or wood chips to aromatize your basic spirit in process. The most popular method of aging with aroma is the usage of toasted mini whiskey and tequila barrels. Experts say there are more than five levels of the oak kegs toasting. The features (time of process, type of oak, strength of fire) help to add some overtones to your drinks. A less toasting gives a light «tan» to your product and slightly strengths wine or liquor. More toasted tops and bottoms of tank give a tart and timber taste to liquor. So choose your preferable wooden whiskey barrel for sale at our Moonshine stills online store.