Whiskey and gin stills


Whiskey making kits for sale in the USA

If you have the most privilege hobby as making noble drinks by your own, we welcome you to buy whiskey stills for sale in the USA at our online store. We are happy to offer our customers good-produced original Russian apparatuses at low prices. You can prepare real vodka, brandy, cognac and rum with our distillers.

Who of you ever dreams about creating quite huge amount of your favorite drink, using only natural and harmless extracts, nature-given wood, rice, corn, wheat or others? Sometimes modern factory alcohol tipple can be quite disappointing. To make the best liquor by still, choose one of these superior whiskey making kits.

We recommend using full kits with copper or stainless alembic, two filters (one to reach purify, the other for stronger spirit), rectifying column, cooler, gasket, taps and additional filter parts (mesh, plates). Whiskey still kits have different volume of the vessel: 1, 3, 5 or 10 gallon.

Our constructors and moonshine masters relate to this with all their hearts. It is an art for them. When some people have the same interest, they think similar. So when you order a whiskey or gin still kit on our online store, you may be sure that these items are made by craftsmen for craftsmen.

There is a simple process of distilling pure ethanol for vodka, rum, essence-based spirits. But it is a real smart work to make whiskey or brandy with such still. Almost all alcohol beverages are made of fermentable sugar substrate (fruit juice, molasses, mash) with yeast, converted into ethanol. Before maturing liquid in oak barrels, we need to do a good and high qualified fermenting and distilling process in the whiskey distillery kit. It follows that there are two basic ways of home brewing and distilling:

A type of whiskey and gin stills is also a very important point. You can choose

Choose home gin distillery equipment for sale and make a real good drink from start to finish. There is a popular opinion that gin is made out of vodka in the way of maturing it with flavor, fruits, herbals or spices. They say that it is not necessary to use home gin distilling equipment.

Our master advise to use a reflux column to distill spirit, and then do aging of prepared liquid with botanical base: a juniper berries, corn, coriander and angelica root. We also like to add dry orange peel. Use glass bottles or jars and our gin stills for sale to get the best result.

All corn drinks’ lovers can use our great multifunctional bourbon distillers. When you use corn to prepare bourbon, you use it at least at 55% of amount. To avoid excessive sugared, pour a hot water into prepared corn mash then drain it. A reflux distiller will make a great spirit. Final tipple will become bourbon only after the maturing of the distillation result into good oak barrels at the time of 1, 3 or 5 years and more. The same rules are fits to brandy and rum made with stills for sale.

Actually, whiskey or liquor stills for sale are used not only to make alcohol. You can easily use stainless variants and prepare hydrolats or oil essences. You can also distill any water from any river to get clear and drinkable water.

Whiskey or gin distilling kit is also a good decision for every careful home owner. In a far away rancho or city house you can find a lot of reasons to use this great equipment. Whiskey making kit is a good gift for a serious hobbyist. If you have a great friend, who is a country man with large farm, make him happy with this stuff.

Another great reason to make your dreams come true and start preparing a rich aromatic and delicious fruit and wheat drinks is to surprise your family and friends. We all know for sure that homemade still liquor and whiskey are always more tasty and safe than cheep or factory drinks from the shop near a house.