Barrels for wine

Mini wine barrels for sale in the USA

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Big or small wine barrels are cylindrical containers made of wood bound by metal hoops. The construction is strong enough to keep the liquid inside them. The items are made of different types of oak, e.g. French or American white. This material helps to vary not only the color but also flavor and texture of drinks. Traditionally the items have three standard sizes (59 gal, 60 gal, 79 gal) but the coopers can make cheap mini wine barrels. They are suitable for filling of small drink bottles which are used in home collections of beverages.

Winemakers buy oak wine barrel for the aging of drinks. They make the product using a still, then pour beverages in the container and close the top of it hermetically. The process of aging makes the drink taste deeper. The result contains sweet vanilla overtones, its color becomes brighter. Find new charred oak wine barrels for sale if you want to create spicy overtones and add the aroma of roasting to the liquid.

You can also use such equipment for the fermentation of drinks. Put the ingredients into empty wooden wine barrels: grape juice, yeast, water, sugar etc; let the process be done for two or more weeks. Check the room temperature from time to time because it is an important point in the fermentation as well as the oxygen level.

Buy new mini wine barrel for your home-made beverages. They will be a perfect decorative element in the country-style kitchen. The small size helps to keep them even under the table or in the larder. If you are ready to change the old furniture find big or small empty wine barrels for sale. The designers make the interesting tables or chairs using these items; you can do the same by yourself.